A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Set in a post-apocalyptic future where energy is a precious resource, a wizard struggles to find peace after an old enemy moves into his territory.

A short game by Kapricorn Media. Created for Ludum Dare 39 Jam in 72 hours.

Winner of 1st place for graphics & audio.

Original Ludum Dare entry

Best played in 1920x1080. Only playable in 16:9 resolutions at the moment.

This is an updated version of the game, with a few changes listed below that, although subtle, enhance the story and flow.

Updated Version - Changes

  • Added new dialog interactions for a richer story and mood.
  • Added a more extensive and clearer final encounter.
  • Fixed dialog options, collision, small bugs.


  • Massimo Pericolo for the amazing music. Be sure to check out his Facebook and Soundcloud pages!
  • Elena Gil for the main character's animation.
  • Webroid Studio (Unity Asset Store FREE) for the animated fire texture.
  • Various sources from freesound.org for sound effects.


Saito-win.zip 46 MB
Saito-mac.zip 48 MB
Saito-linux.zip 51 MB


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Cool ! Nice Druillet like illustrations !

Featured first in my Indie Games Exhibit episode!

it's a superb work, bravo the artist

Michel(France,Paris) ;)

Thank you!