A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A short interactive environment developed for the Wand Works event in the Cotsen Children's Library. Learn more about the context of the event through this lovely blog post!

As the player, you can cast six different spells from the Harry Potter universe, each with its own unique set of visual effects. This interactive environment runs much like a slideshow, requiring just the use of the mouse and the spacebar key. This is a consequence of its specific design for the Wand Works children's event.

Hogwarts Great Hall 3D model by Jeremy Goncalves (on Sketchfab)

Install instructions

This project is developed in Unity. The download links should get the Unity standalone executables. Simply download the version for your operating system, unzip the downloaded file and run it!


Wand-win.zip 131 MB
Wand-mac.zip 133 MB


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